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I recieved your CD "Ten Cents Short ofa Dime", a few days ago. It has barely left the limelight. Love it heeps, and so do my listeners on the 'Rhythms & Blues' shows. This CD will be featured on "Cruizin' for a Bluezin", this Saturday @ Heritage fm. I would also like to do a review of "Albert Carey Project" for our Perth Blues Club magazine. Please be tempted to send us some newer or earlier recordings.....They will certainly be played regularly on our programs. I can be sure of that. Thank you for helping to keep Blues Music ALIVE in Australia. Cheers to your success,

- Miss Natasha 'Jayme' Hanjin

Blustery and blistering blues-rock, well sung by leader Carey and featuring some clean and mean axe work by guitarists Tommy Byrnes, Al Pitrelli and Johnny Gale.

- Blues Access Magazine

Thanks for the CD. I enjoyed this quite a bit. He has an attractive raspy voice and his playing is excellent. I liked the mix of acoustic and electric textures too.

- Bruce Igluaer
President - Alligator Records

**** Singer/songwriter Albert Carey is based in Millbrook, New York. "Ten Cents Short Of A Dime", which was released in 1999, was recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios, Millbrook, New York. The Slimmer Twins (aka Jody Gray & Paul Orofino) produced it. Carey is accompanied by some great musicians in John O'Reilly (drums), Danny Miranda (bass), Tony Perrino (organ) and hot shot guitarists: Johnny Gale, Tommy Burns, Frank Carillo and Al Pitrelli. Except for Traffic's "Empty Pages", all of the songs are originals. The Albert Carey Project delivers white-hot blistering blues-rock with songs like "Catch A Ride", "Big Red Fire Engine", "She's The One" and "Evil, Evil". Even on slower tunes like "Solitary Man" and "Too Blue To Sing The Blues" and "Thinkin' With Your Heart" the sound is great. Albert Carey has a new release in the pipeline. It should be well worth checking out too.

- John Bates
The Groove (Australia)

Albert plays what could be defined as solid rock blues based on the sounds and roots of the seventies. But his music is not always hard, he also knows how to play heavy ballads. Personally, he reminds me of some bands that no longer exist, such as Wishbone Ash. Carey shows power, good manners, elegance, taste, good style and communication and many other qualities that you will discover along the forty two minutes of music on this CD.

- Vicente P. Zumel
La Hora del Blues
Barcelona, Spain

The Albert Carey Project CD will get alot of air play, it rocks. Tell Johnny to pour some cold water on his fingers, the guitar lines on that CD are on fire.

- Thayrone X
The Bone Conduction Music Show
89.1FM(WEMU), Detroit

I just got the CD today. I love it very much. That is exactly the sound everybody should listen to instead of the boring charts. I have introduced the CD on our homepage. Hope you like the text. Hope to hear more from you and your band. I have a link to your site, so people can come and hopefully do purchase alot of your CDs. Thank you again, hello to you andyour family and to the band. You have at least one German fan now and I bet there will be more in the future. Keep on rockin’!

- Ulli Heiser (www.heiser-net.de/indexus.htm)

I got the CD - It really is great! You are an excellent songwriter - and have a voice to match! In fact, this is probably among the best albums I have got this year! I really like it!

- Sven Gusevik
Editor - Outsider & Ronson Ablaze Fanzine

Nice packet. I got the Albert Carey Project-CD today. I enjoy it very much. Albert's music isn't a pure blues but I like this kind of music very much too. Nice surprise!

- Bohuslav Budina
Czech Radio (100.6)FM

‘Done Broke Down’, ‘Solitary Man’ and ‘Big Red Fire Engine’ are in heavy rotation at our station!

- Radio Maldwyn
75.6 AM, Wales, England

Just got the Albert Carey Project CD. It sounds great! Kind of a cross between the Eagles and Stevie Ray Vaughn. I will be giving it some raves in the next FOCR Newsletter

- Heather Russell
(Webmaster)Fans Of Classic Rock

I love the lyrics of ‘Too Blue to Sing The Blues’. You should get a ‘Grammy’ for that song (really)!

- Eva

Hey Bert. Got yer package. Thank you so kindly. The dunny poster is upon my workbench wall. I do reckon the "NO DUMPING" sign really makes it though. You must be a very busy man; self promoting. I played two of the three new songs on the show today. Can hardly wait till yer newy is complete...... I hope you will send it to me. I've played 'Ten cents short', so many times over; Our listners MUST be knowing your songs by now. !!
Thanx for staying in touch.

- Jayme

I first met Albert (Bert) Carey when my drummer, Don Stroffolino, recommended (raved about) him as a bass sub for my band, Roger-Z and The Zygotes. I rang up Bert and we enjoyed a lengthy conversation about music and the people we knew in common. I told him that I had a long song list and wanted to make sure he knew enough of the tunes. We went down the page and it turned out he knew 95% of the entries. Carey mentioned that he sang lead and I got nervous -- very nervous. Because I had previously listened to songs on his website from his latest album, "Ten Cents Short Of A Dime". I knew the second I let him sing, I could never follow. I vocalize in a low, Johnny Cash, War style and he sings like a classic rock god. Sure enough, after his rendition of Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Home", I was pretty much done for the night. But like the seventies classic, "The Gambler" says, you got to know when to hold them -- and when to fold them.

Albert Carey first made his name in the seventies as a bassist in the legendary Mick Ronson Band (deceased guitarist for David Bowie). Since then, he has played with dozens of groups and his songs have been heard on Leslie West's "Dodgin' in The Dirt," 1998 CBS Olympic Broadcasts (various features and cues), The Howard Stern Show, America's Most Wanted, The Gordon Elliot Show, The Jerry Springer Show, The Maury Povich Show, Rush Limbaugh, Turner Broadcasting Network, ABC College Football, WCW Wrestling and many, many more.

Carey describes "Ten Cents Short Of A Dime", produced by Paul Orofino and Jody Gray, as "70's flavored blues rock". The album features a who's who of contemporary rockers. Guitars: Tommy Byrnes, Al Pitrelli, Frank Carillo, Johnny Gale. Bass: Danny Miranda. Organ: Tony Perrino. Drums: John O'Reilly. Piano: Andy Ezrin. Background Vocals: Tony Harnell, Danny Vaughn, Jody Gray. Surprisingly enough, Bert doesn't play guitar or bass on the album. He modestly claims that they only wanted top guns for the project. And only his voice fit that category.

How to describe Carey's pipes? A cross between Rod Stewart, Robert Plant, Mountain's Leslie West, and Whitesnake's David Coverdale. Not a bad pedigree. And he sure rocks the blues.

This album harks back to the seventies and eighties -- when blues rock reigned supreme. The CD divides into softer, acoustic tinged blues ("Ten Cents Short Of A Dime", "Too Blue To Sing The Blues", "Solitary Man", and "Thinkin' With Your Heart", "Evil, Evil") and the rockers ("Done Broke Down", "Big Red Fire Engine", Traffic's "Empty Pages","Catch A Ride","Blame It On The Night", and "She's The One"). As we used to say, put the needle down on any track. You can't go wrong. Each tune features well thought-out arrangements and steaming hot guitar licks. And Carey's voice smokes each track. My favorites include "Done Broke Down", the title track, "Too Blue To Sing The Blues", "Catch a Ride," "Evil, Evil", and "She's The One".

So if you're looking to relieve the pain of heart break by kicking out the jams, step up to The Albert Carry Project. Check his web page to catch live dates.

- CD review by Roger-Z (11/09/08) TheWorkingMusician.com

Click here to send E-Mail directly to Albert Carey

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